Western Separation or Independence? 


2 weeks ago
Trudeau’s handling of the Iran crisis could define his second term

Iran’s rage over the U.S. assassination of Qassem Soleimani risks dragging Canada into a new confrontation in the Middle East, courtesy of Donald Trump

2 weeks ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Do you think climate change has anything to do with carbon emissions?

2 weeks ago
Trudeau government’s promises on tackling climate change stymied by lack of data

The lag time in reporting GHG emissions and a lack sector-specific data are among the gaps flagged by researchers and former federal officials

2 weeks ago
Okanagan fruit juice company founded in 1946 officially sells - Kelowna News

You are no longer supporting western Canadian products if purchasing sun-ripe I guess. Bought by a place in Quebec now.

The deal to sell Kelowna’s Sun-Rype Products to Quebec’s Industries has been completed.

2 weeks ago

This is now enabled! 🙂

2 weeks ago
Paying price for Trudeau win - Letters

This is a good read.

Prime Minister Trudeau promised billions of dollars in massive new spending initiatives in his pre-2019 election babble. He promised prosperity and hope by collecting billions extra in tax dollars that he will give to nations supporting UN global initiatives that have no benefit to Canadians or to C...

2 weeks ago
Why too many government programs and policies just don't work

Politicians and senior public servants have very different roles to play in our form of government. Unfortunately, they are increasingly playing the same role and that is bad for Canadians.

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