Western Separation or Independence? 


1 week ago

Spitting image. That beard is the nail in the coffin.

1 week ago
The Post Millennial

Sure Qasem Soleimani murdered hundreds of people, but that didn’t stop pro-Iranian regime supporters from building a shrine to the killed terrorist and flying terrorist flags.

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1 week ago
Chrystia Freeland ducks question: Why is there no carbon tax on imported Saudi oil? | Keean Bexte Keean Bexte of Rebel News reports: Chrystia Freeland was late to her meeting with Jason Kenney at his Calgary office today. Freeland is...

1 week ago
Everything you need to know (and a few things you don't) about Justin Trudeau's beard

Sorry Trudeau, a new beard is not going to change Canadian opinions of you. Just makes him look more like Fidel!

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau is sporting a new, more serious look to go with his more businesslike approach to being prime minister.He has returned from more than two weeks vacation in Costa Rica …

1 week ago
Canadian Media Exposed

Inside ANTIFA the Harassment Hate Group. ANTIFA believes everyone that doesn't dawn their disenchanted flags or symbols and join their groups are potential fascists. They believe everyone's a bigot if you question their ideologies and will weaponize social media with cyber-oppression. They have even been known to label people as racists with no merit or just cause. If that doesn't work, ANTIFA will go as low as pushing the white-supremacist or homophobe narratives against honest hard-working Canadians. They have become increasingly aggressive on the streets and even online by ganging up on people with a mob-like mentality while using fake social media accounts to hide their behaviors and disingenuous identity. #canpoli

1 week ago
YOU SAID IT: Trudeau dominant?

Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020: Justin Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Ontario health care system.

1 week ago
Flights cast cloud over PM’s Costa Rica vacation

Questions soon arose after publicly-available data showed four subsequent flights by two separate RCAF Challengers between Ottawa and Costa Rica during their vacation.

Even the central American rainforest proved no sanctuary from controversy surrounding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest vacation.Publicly announced by the PMO last month, Trudeau and his…

2 weeks ago
The Trudeau Show

Morneau says Canada is all in when it comes to deficits.

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