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5 hours ago
Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax could kill jobs, report says

A new report by the Fraser Institute says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will undermine the competitiveness of key sectors of Canada’s economy and could trigger an exodus of…

7 hours ago

Listen to me call the Liberal Party of Canada to address the situation of running ad donations outside of Canada. Hear how Dale said I was yelling at him when I clearly was not. No accountability at all.

7 hours ago
What 35,000 political ads on Facebook reveal about Canada's election-year message battle | CBC News

We are still two months from the federal election, but industry groups, partisan advocates and unions have been busy spending big money on highly targeted Facebook ads to push their agenda.

8 hours ago

19 hours ago

Say something about this cartoonist drawing of Justin Trudeau.

21 hours ago

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Do you think Canadians are being discriminated against by the Federal Government?

23 hours ago

Does everyone want a show called “Let’s Play on Vote Canada” No real agenda or reason. I’ll just go live and see what you all want to do. I will use my IPad to go live and keep my phone open to do Facebook or whatsapp audio calls. I think that you don’t need a big knock out show to go live. Its more about being available to talk and have a say. Pondering ideas together while connecting Canadians at the same time. Maybe we can call Elections Canada tomorrow and discuss Trudeaus donation soliciting in hundreds of regions outside Canada.

23 hours ago
Vote Canada

It’s had so many views I’ve decided to re-share it & boost it up more.

Say something about this cartoonist drawing.

1 day ago

Say something about this cartoonist drawing.

1 day ago
Liberal MPs on ethics committee vote down opposition motion for Mario Dion to testify on Trudeau | CBC News

Of course they do! Even though Canadians want answers! Not listening to Canadians. If you have nothing to hide the why are they hiding?

The Liberal majority on the House of Commons ethics committee has voted down an opposition motion to call Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion to testify about his report concluding that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act over the SNC-Lavalin affai...

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